20 Nov

 The following “copy” will part of my upcoming professionally renovated web site. I programmed the old one myself, and I just can’t get around the fact that Internet Explorer users simply can’t use my site (which involves, mainly, Internet Explorer not using the same CSS standards every other browser uses). I don’t know what to do, but I can detect in advance what browser a given person is using–but then all I can tell them is not to use Internet Explorer to view my site. A person simply can’t use my site at all in Internet Explorer (panes overlapping other panes so that you can’t see all the links or all the text on a given page). With luck, the renovated site will solve all that.
 “Demeter EDT
The Legend: Demeter was the goddess of grain and all growing things. She was the daughter of Cronus and Rhea (Titans) and sister to Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Hades and Hestia. Her mother Rhea was worshiped as Ops, Cybele and many other names; she assumed her mother’s duties and divinity. She ruled planting, growing and reaping, and many of her rites and rituals involved all three of her aspects (maiden, mother and crone) though she is normally looked at as the fertile mother. Her daughter (to Zeus) was Persephone, goddess of springtime and flowers; who became the bride of Hades (god of the underworld and afterlife). Her power was so great that in her grief over Persephone’s disappearance; she forbid anything to grow. She is the “heart” of the earth, the giver of life, and was offered the first fruits and vegetables of every harvest.
 “The Scent: An opening of dark pine cones, spices and warm blossoms creates something utterly unique, reminiscent of the forest in late autumn . As earthy and dark as it is beautiful, this becomes softer and slightly more subtle with summery flowers, while retaining a depth and and mystery about it. The finish is a blend of drying hay, tobacco and pine-green, but more dry and dark. Hints of woods and oozing resins give it strength, while the aroma of libations of fruits and wine surround you. A scent for those who are not frightened by the “darker” side of nature, and revel in its mysteries…”
–by John Reasinger of Fragrantica
 “Daphne EDT
The Legend: After being chided by Apollo to “leave the bow and arrows to the grown ups”, Eros (Roman: Cupid) shot Apollo with a golden dart of burning love…but pierced the heart of Daphne (nymph and daughter of the river god Achelous) with a bolt of lead causing unrequited love. Apollo pursued Daphne, but she was not interested in the least, preferring to hunt with Artemis and roam the hills and valleys of Greece. When the golden god could no longer suppress his lust, he gave chase to the young lady, whispering sweet words in her ears and promising to make her his Queen. She fled from him aghast, yet he pursued her…and just as he was about to overtake her, she called out to her father to save her. Immediately, she was stopped in her tracks, her feet became roots, her skin bark and her hair the leaves of the Laurel tree. Apollo, still madly in love with her, plucked the leaves of the tree and fashioned a crown. Laurel became his most sacred tree. Oracles chewed these leaves to receive visions from the god and foretell the future.
 “The Fragrance: An opening of dry flowers, spiciness and sharp greens echo the bewitching beauty that first captured Apollo’s attention. Here is grace, elegance and vigor; all blended seamlessly. As the heart of this scent beats, it warms (as the god’s did) with a melange of flowers ranging from sensual and seductive, to warm and sweet. As enchanting as it is serious, Daphne develops slowly, in typical chypre fashion, as it ranges from bright to floral and full, before it becomes earthy and haunting. A woody warm resinous sweetness lingers on the skin, hinting at the transformation of the poor nymph’s form from skin to bark. Dark woods coated in sweet saps blended with warm vanilla and amber combine with dry airy moss to create something altogether majestic and alluring. A scent for someone who love the feel of fresh earth beneath their feet, and is in touch with its beauty…”
–also by John


2 Responses to “112011”

  1. JoanElaine November 24, 2011 at 1:18 pm #

    Demeter is one of those most gorgeous perfumes I’ve ever had the pleasure to wear.
    It’s a “swooner”! Thank you for creating it.

    • Adam Gottschalk November 25, 2011 at 9:40 pm #

      Thank you very much for such high praise. I’m happy to have created a perfume of which you think oh-so much. Wear it in good health, for better and worse, and wherever and whenever you want. I suppose I don’t need to tell you that, but I did and I mean it. Yours in fragrant delight, Adam

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