16 Nov

 “On initially discovering the Lord’s Jester line, Ares was the first perfume that caught my attention. On receiving the samples Adam was kind enough to send me, I was quite smitten with this scent! Ares EDC is a warm, sexy fragrance that lasts on my skin (despite its Eau de Cologne concentration) and gently balances warm golden ambery incense aromas, with spices and sexy flowers on ancient dried woods. When I found out that he did an EDP of Ares, I jokingly said (having not yet tried it): “I want at least a half an ounce!”. He said “Try it first.”, so I did. On a cold cloudy PA autumn day, I spritzed Ares EDP on and went to town…
 “All throughout my day, I was HAUNTED by the warm beauty of this fragrance. It is not sweet like a gourmand or like a dessert; but it reminded me of molasses and how it is thick, and darkly sweet and so very comforting. Every time I moved (or my shirt did), I got this heavenly whiff of Ares…and sighed! I got no less than four comments on how good I smelled that day (from complete strangers)!”
–John Reasinger of Fragrantica, on Ares Eau de Parfum
 I cannot express well enough how good that first crafts fair at Tiga Bar in Portland Oregon was for my gumption; it was the first time I was in the spotlight with my perfumes. I was added to the line up for the crafts fair pretty late in the game (as far as I remember). It was a mad rush partly because I was making small batches at the time; I remember that for each perfume I only had enough of a given perfume to fill a few small bottles. Then came literature: I had at least to make basic descriptions of the perfumes (bits of which are still seen on my website). And I had to have business cards delivered by 3-day mail/UPS/FedEx/etc., from Vistaprint.
 I’ve been using Vistaprint ever since that first time. The business cards, car magnets, cups, t-shirts, pens, all look great; sometimes the pens don’t work very well, but it doesn’t matter much–it feels very professional to be using a pen customized for my own business. They’re quick (whether you do 3-day mail, even overnight, or not), efficient, precise about the way things should look (well, you kind have to pester them about precision). Overall, I’ve only had very minor mistakes with this company. They offer, for business cards, recycled 100-lb card stock for a little bit extra, and you can even get a little recycled logo on the back. The following card, to me, looks elegant and quite professional:


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