1 Oct

 This Brave New Scents Natural-Perfumers-Guild project involves 11 Professional Perfumers making perfumes out of a list of under-used or only-recently available extracts, available for perfumers in the past 10 years or so. I myself made something I’m very proud of, Hermes eau de parfum, 15%. Unfortunately, I used a couple of extracts which are suddenly unavailable: rosa bourbonia and jasmine auriculatum. Rosa bourbonia I could swear I’ve seen commonly at most natural-perfume suppliers; I was wrong, and now I have to be in touch with an original supplier in India. They have both rosa bourbonia and jasmine auriculatum, but not at the moment; I’m waiting, because those two aromatics are essential to making Hermes. I have enough of those two aromatics to make maybe two more cups of Hermes, which is not what I hoped for.
 It’s been quite an intense journey to get where I’ve gotten in natural perfume. I started by spending hours at the Perfume House in Portland, Oregon; back then I wanted to become a perfumer, but I was under the mistaken impression that to become a perfumer, you had to get an entry-level job at one of the big perfume houses. Then I read Mandy Aftel’s Essence & Alchemy; I hadn’t yet realized that the mainstream perfumes, many of which I’d come to think of as precious, were in fact a collection of the lowest grade fragrance chemicals–not the essential oils I’d heard so much talk of, just a collection of synthetic fragrance chemicals. At some point she writes, “Your task for now…,” and I hadn’t yet realized if you wanted to become a natural perfumer, you simply had to jump in and start making natural perfume.
 I quickly started making perfumes good enough to write home about, and which my friends immediately loved (I learned quickly to discern a person’s true feelings about a given perfume composition). I started out by taking Mandy Aftel’s Level I natural-perfumery workbook; a year after I passed with a solid composition (about which she wrote, “You thought out the essences for your perfume in a very considered and thorough manner, and the final perfume shows a lot of attention to evolution and structure;” that perfume eventually became Selene solid (Selene was titan of the moon, and I think of Selene solid as very nocturnal, sort of like moonlight itself)), I applied to be a Professional Perfumer with the Natural Perfumers Guild; I was quite confident I would easily be accepted into the ranks of other Professional natural Perfumers. Once I got there, I dedicated myself to becoming one of the best natural perfumers the modern world has yet known.


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Bloggers for Ca Fleure Bon include: Michelyn Camen, Neil Sternberg, Ida Meister, Mark Behnke, and Leslie Robinson


Perfume by Nature, Ambrosia Jones
Anya’s Garden Perfumes, Anya McCoy
Providence Perfume Co., Charna Ethier
House of Matriarch, Christi Meshell
Belly Flowers, Elise Pearlstine
A Wing and a Prayer Perfumes, Jane Cate
JoAnne Basset
One Seed Perfume, Liz Cook
Ascent Natural Perfumes, Rohanna Goodwin Smith
Lord’s Jester Inc., Adam Gottschalk


2 Responses to “100111”

  1. Michael October 3, 2011 at 11:35 pm #

    Adam wrote:
    ” I dedicated myself to becoming one of the best natural perfumers the modern world has yet known. ”

    Well I would say you are reaching your goal quite well! Your work is beautiful. I look forward to trying Hermes!

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