26 Sep

 Fashion Week Tampa Bay went very well. At least one reporter from a local periodical wants to write an article about my company. And I was invited to contribute to the bag for the Annual Creative Artists Agency’s Young Hollywood Party, which last year featured Colin Farrell, Renee Zellweger, and Eva Longoria, among others. The lady who helped Tami at our table, Alyssa, pointed out that I should take the various literature I have, history of the company, reviews, descriptions of perfumes, and make an actual catalog. I had already been thinking the very same thing; the main problem with the idea of a catalog is that it’s very likely some, or all, of my perfumes will change over time. I suppose we can print another catalog if (when) they change; for now, I’m sure I can pick several I will always sell. I’m hoping this catalog will become a hot item in the fashion world. I can talk about the relatively complex process of making custom perfume, at which not enough people are aware I’m excellent.
 The first real break I got in natural perfume was at a crafts fair at Tiga Bar on NE Killingsworth in Portland, Oregon (http://tigabar.com/); they have great food (helped in part by my friend Melanie, who absolutely _loves_ Anthea solid (she told me that during her pregnancy, she would wear it and constantly be smelling the place where she applied it)), and it’s one of the first places I’ve known to make and sell their own house-infused liquors, infused with everything from vanilla, to cinnamon, to rosemary, etc. One of my friends knew that I’d been making natural perfume for some time, knew that I consider natural perfumery to be an art, and invited me to attend the fair as a vendor. So came my first sales experience, and my first experience making literature for my perfumes, and the first time I bought cards for the business (I still use the same place, vistaprint.com). The night before the fair, it snowed heavily–which never happens in Portland! That snowfall didn’t stop a single person, however; the fair was full of people, of both sexes and all ages.

At the time of that fair, I was calling the company Eros Aromatics. A fine name, but I made the mistake of trying to trademark it. I thought I was good for nearly three years, but then the lawyers came out of the woodwork in opposition. I still think that was incredibly cruel–to leave me to think I had the trademark in the bag, and wait until the very last minute to object. I would rather be calling the company Eros Aromatics; the first objection I had to Eros Aromatics was that I had the trademark in a retail class; a company called Eros objected to that classification. They wanted me to do it in the perfume class, but then other objections appeared; I decided since I’d already paid a lawyer extra money to work out the details of fixing the objection, I’d better leave well enough alone. My last name means “God’s jester” in German; I realized that I had to make that work, so Lord’s Jester Inc. it became.


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