21 Jun

Recently, I got my hands on both linden-blossom absolute (a base note) and linden-blossom essential oil [EO] (a top note). The linden absolute is diluted at 30% and comes from White Lotus Aromatics; the linden essential oil comes from Mandy Aftel, and is delightful from beginning to end. Whereas the absolute has a little funk to its smell, the essential oil is utterly delightful in every way, soft, somewhat flowery, ever-so slightly sweet. I made a perfume that had both the absolute and the essential oil in it (out of 14 notes altogether), and I expected it to smell more like the essential oil than the absolute; it did in fact (my #1 fan adores the brew). Now I just need to discover more of its proper compatriots. The thing is, there’s a big difference between the absolute and the EO.
 I also got samples of petitgrain combava EO and white-ginger-lily absolute some time ago. The petitgrain combava is distilled from the leaves and twigs of the kaffir-lime tree, as such, it can be used to add citrus scents without actually adding citrus aromatics. The white-ginger-lily smells lily-like, but it’s not as overpowering as actual lilies; I think I can use it to good effect, and not necessarily in a lily-type perfume. More recently, I got samples of poplar-bud absolute and wheat absolute. These are intriguing aromatics. Both are thick and rich and complex; it will take no small number of attempts to figure out the right context for them, the correct or appropriate angles, the keys to making them synergistic and sublime.
 I ran into a big problem recently: I misplaced the lids to at least 50 1oz/2oz bottles (they use the same size lids). As I realized when I was first starting out in natural perfume, the most important thing in the bottle/lid combination is definitely the lid. For example, right now more than 50 bottles are useless because I lost the lids. The first thing I do when I get new bottles and lids is _put the lids in a safe place_. This is in addition to the loss of power supply for my big scale (1000g x .01g). Altogether, that’s not too bad, considering how far from New York I came. The thing is, I saw the big bag of lids after we got here; someone mistakenly threw them out. No big loss, as I can simply purchase more lids from Sunburst Bottle (I asked for them, and I think they’re sending them to me free of charge! They must understand that a bottle with no cap is utterly useless.).


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