1 May
One idea I’ve always had since becoming a professional is this: contact a fellow named Barry Kieselstein-Cord (I hear he prefers now to be known simply as Barry Cord), one of the hottest jewelry designers in New York (regularly has full-page spreads in Interview magazine, and others), and ask him about making different sizes of bottles for Lord’s Jester Inc. There are two reasons I want to do this: 1) when I was a teenager, we were friends with Barry and his family in Millbrook, New York; my parents, my step-brother Phil, and I were regularly at parties with Barry, and 2) I hear that when Barry was just starting out, he contacted none other than Ralph Lauren to ask about his great idea for a perfume bottle. Mr. Lauren said no, but then a month or so later he saw brand new perfume bottles from Ralph Lauren _which were identical to Barry’s design_! Needless to say, he learned a great deal about sharing your ideas with other artists–especially only to share with a select few, if anyone else.
So, I know he has an old interest in perfume bottles–many designs of which are quite classic. If I were to get in touch with him, two things would happen: 1) he would remember from when I was a teenager (my late mother did an excellent job of staying in touch with his family over the years), and 2) when I tell him I’m now a Professional Natural Perfumer, he will surely be interested in the possibility of making signature bottles for Lord’s Jester Inc. I’m now a professional perfumer; the fact that I make only natural perfume will only encourage him to help me out (I would of course be a paying customer). I don’t really know if he still has an interest in designing perfume bottles; it certainly can’t hurt to ask. Maybe I can be the one he finally designs perfume bottles for!
Aside from deodorant, liquid and solid, I also have an interest in making linen spray (to keep sheets from getting musty), and perfumed bath oil. With the linen spray, or linen freshener, I have a good recipe, one that an old girlfriend said made her horny (that’s what I like to hear!). The bath oil would be made from turkey-red oil, which is sulfated castor oil. I guess they add sulphur to castor oil. What you end up with is the only oil which readily dissolves in water; essential oils also dissolve readily in turkey-red oil–it’s perfect! I’ve read that some don’t consider it appropriate for “therapeutic uses.” This would just be for fun, and potentially very lovely. The only problem is the necessary minimum order of 20 gallons. All four items mentioned (the deodorants, the linen fresheners(s), and the bath oil) would have to made by a contract manufacturer. Natural incense I would make myself of course.

3 Responses to “050111”

  1. darcy1 May 5, 2011 at 5:20 am #

    Love the ideas of unique perfume bottles; which I think have gotten pushed aside a little in natural perfumery in favor of simple containers. I’m still not a real perfumer – but when I am I will favor blown glass for my creations. It would be a fusion of two art media rather than just one.

    The bath oil sounds intriguing. I had a bottle of Coty ‘Styx’ bath oil in 1971, that sadly, I poured into the bathtub. I was a teenager and didn’t know how valuable it was, just that it smelled like an elixir of the gods. I was actually afraid to wear it around my boyfriend for fear of too positive a reaction. I stuck to my Sweet Earth jasmine for those dates (much safer). The Styx bath oil must have been two different oils, because one was clearly sitting on top of the other. The one on the bottom was purple. The whole thing was a stunner.

    • Adam Gottschalk May 5, 2011 at 5:37 am #

      I can’t wait to see what Mr. Cord might make for me. It is in the realm of distant possibilities.

  2. Naheed May 5, 2011 at 3:53 pm #

    That sounds so good. Although, haven’t got a chance to test Lord’s Jester line but have seen the bottles of the whole line in a friend’s fragrance pictures, and from that I can say that the current bottles are simple yet beautiful. It would be absolutely great to see Mr. Cord’s work together with your fragrances, Adam.

    Good luck!

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