5 Mar

I already started my own give-away on Facebook; if Fragrantica ever gets to my give-away, that’ll mean I have a fair amount of perfume to give away. I was tired of waiting, so I decided to do my own on Facebook, where I’m friends with quite a number of natural perfumers, and a number of non-perfumer friends and clients, some “perfumistas,” as they say. With luck, I’ll be able to generate enough interest. How could a person NOT want free natural perfume? I’m very proud of my perfumes, all of them (except for two which aren’t perfect yet, Chronos eau de cologne and Phoebe eau de parfum). I’m so confident that I’ll put myself out there for all to see/smell, and possibly criticize; no one’s ever said anything critical, except for Sidney and Melanie, who complained some perfumes were strong at first (Sidney about an old version of Ares eau de parfum, which was quite strong, Melanie about Daphne eau de toilette). I think, compared to synthetic perfumes, I’ve got nothing to worry about.

When I talked about Piesse and peau d’Espagne, I failed to be clear that any perfumed leather is commonly known as peau d’Espagne, not just leather journal covers. Piesse’s problem with perfuming letter paper seemed to be that perfuming letter paper would interfere-with/inhibit the writing ability of a given pen; I suppose back in the 1800s when everybody used fountain pens that would have been something of a problem. These days, with ballpoint pens ubiquitous, it shouldn’t be a problem; I’d have to say up front, “Not for use with fountain pens,” but that would take part of the fun out of the experience (I used to love to use vintage fountain pens, when I could still write, but now my penmanship is non-existent–and I used to write calligraphy!).

From Nature’s Gift Aromatherapy Products: “Cassie is a delightfully fresh, sweet floral note. A complex aroma that Burfield describes as “fresh, somewhat green, sweet floral with powdery-balsamic notes.” To my nose it has a sweet almost honeyed note, as well.” Oh my goodness, I get absolutely none of that. To my nose, it’s not green (maybe a little bit, but it’s barely perceptible as green) or floral or sweet (honey? no way); it smells to me like licorice, and Uta and I agree it smells like Chinese medicine. Maybe I get some balsamic notes, but they’re very faint. Overall, I’m not impressed, and I had been lead to believe cassie absolute was relatively precious. This kind of thing makes me think my nose is not so very well schooled. How could their impressions of cassie be so different from my own? I’m going with the idea that I have a unique olfactory sense. Hyacinth, on the other hand, is absolutely delightful, a true floral-esque floral, with hints of fresh carnation and gardenia. I’ll be experimenting with good companions for it.


2 Responses to “030511”

  1. Melanie March 9, 2011 at 5:03 am #

    I’m one of two “complainers”! I love it! And, I love your perfumes!

    • Adam Gottschalk March 19, 2011 at 9:19 pm #

      I didn’t mean to call you a complainer. Rather a constructive critic, I should say :-)

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