17 Dec

I’d like to let you know about upcoming changes in the Lord’s Jester packaging; only liquids will change; solids will remain the same. I will now carry one ounce and .5 ounce bottles; in addition, I will still carry the smaller ones, 10ml and 5ml. The ounce and .5 ounce are dead-on cubes; the 10ml has rounded shoulders (but the pictures look identical), and the 5ml are straight rectangular. The idea is that, all things being equal, I can get a person on naturals without too much start-up cost; the 5mls are $20 for an eau de cologne, and $30 for an eau de toilette, and $40 for an eau de parfum. All the way up to an ounce of eau de parfum for $150. A clean sweep, if I do say so myself; and the way you move up volumetrically is perfectly reflected in the prices.

So, as you go from 5ml up to an ounce, prices increase proportionately more. I’m thinking about the following price range: eau de cologne, 5ml for $20, 10ml for $30, .5 ounce for $40, and one ounce for $70; for eau de toilette, $30 for 5ml, $45 for 10ml, $60 for .5 ounce, and $110 for an ounce; for an eau de parfum, $40 for 5ml, $60 for 10ml, $80 for .5 ounce, and $150 for one ounce. The solids will remain the same, at $25 for 7.5ml, $60 for 20ml, and $80 for 30ml; at some point, that may move up, for particularly large concentrations of aromatics, to $75 for 20ml, and $95 for 30ml (the tiny solids will remain unchanged). This will be a good arrangement of prices.

My honeysuckle perfume is totally not shaping up the way I expected. I’m making it at the behest of my girlfriend, Mary, who is my latest test subject, 18 notes altogether, an eau de toilette. We have yet to see, but we’ll get to it soon enough. For the base, I included hay absolute, orris butter, pine-needle absolute, and a sandalwood base note (that’s not all I included); for the heart I included honeysuckle, of course, immortelle, and orange-blossom absolute (more on that later); and, surprise surprise, Mary really liked ginger, fir, and neroli (the counterpart to the orange-blossom absolute). A sublime composition to be sure. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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