5 Dec

More great reviews have rolled on in, including Felicia M. Hazzard, who called my eau de toilette Daphne my “legacy and crowning achievement”! Others are, from Gaia The Non-Blonde, “Soon enough Prince Charming will see the walls of the castle’s gardens and smell the roses that grew wild and entangled for 100 years. And there inside there is a beautiful princess waiting, asleep, in all her sweetness. Daphne becomes honeyed and smooth, a rich oriental chypre that is a joy to wear.” I love being compared to fairy tales, a integral part of the fantasy that is perfume. Fantasy is EVERYthing with the olfactory, with what is unseen but highly evocative.

I’ve been thinking of beginning to use Africa Stone (collected from compost piles of African rock hyrax, an environmentally-sound process) in my perfumes from now on, or at least some of the time. (Ambergris, crafted from ambergris floating on the sea, my preferred choice of the animal ingredients, is truly rarefied.) Now that is nothing compared to real natural musk, which I have smelled–I felt like I was smelling ambergris with stardust and magic! Really, that was quite a material when the musk-deer was not extinct–perfume with stardust!

I’ve been thinking of making a “truly outlaw” perfume, using stuff like tea-tree and eucalyptus, which essences I loathe. A light touch would be needed, but I’m almost certain I could turn out something sublime. The antiseptic properties are what turn me off; exactly what odors strike as offensive is hard to describe, but it’s something about the anise and licorice-like attributes, very cold, very sharp, that turn me off (I guess licorice smells round). Regardless, I think I’m up to the challenge of composing transcendent perfume using these materials.


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